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  1. Romul Nuiu reproduces, redraws, analyzes and expresses a present or imaginary object, without points of defenselessness.
  2. Such continued defiance by Hussein draws increasing attention to America's own defenselessness before these modern yet simple weapons.
  3. Certainly there is something insistent, even aggressive, about the quality of defenselessness in Zenil's self-portraits.
  4. In fact, you're embarrassed by his utter physical and psychological defenselessness and nakedness as he cowers in a corner.
  5. For all the tough talk, the images on the television news Thursday night seemed to underscore the nation's defenselessness.
  6. It was their utter defenselessness and the accuracy of many of the attacks that broke their spirit, al-Qaida fighters said.
  7. He said the embargo amounted to a situation in which " the defenseless are told they must be frozen in defenselessness ."
  8. The stigma of defenselessness and powerlessness associated with Jews, compared with the physical aggressiveness and lawlessness more associated with the Irish and Italian immigrants, began to disappear.
  9. Almost as tragic as the nearly 280 deaths in five bombings in Russia in less than three weeks is the mixture of fear, defenselessness, frustration and cynicism with which most Russians have reacted to them.
  10. "We consider Colombia tops the list for human rights violations on the continent creating a feeling of defenselessness among the population and loss of credibility of institutions, " said Alejandro Artucio of the International Commission of Jurists.
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