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  1. This is especially so if a plaintif can prove the defendent acted with reckless disregard for the truth.
  2. It would be analogous to charging a defendent with a the same crime which he had previously been convicted.
  3. Her testimony established that she was forcibly and violently raped by the defendent while under a perceived risk of death.
  4. One defendent, Salem Jiyad al-Shimmiri, 23, was acquitted of a five-year prison sentence.
  5. But after a co-defendent in New York pleaded guilty Jan . 5, Hiett sought a plea bargain.
  6. When Wilkes filed an RfA, naming you directly as the defendent, you didn't recuse there either.
  7. In this case the defendent accepts the consequences of a guilty plea, while technically not admitting to any guilt.
  8. I the initial plaintiff become officially the defendent ? talk ) 01 : 02, 6 January 2008 ( UTC)
  9. And under federal law, a defendent found guilty of antitrust violations must pay triple the actual damages to each plaintiff.
  10. Judge Tauro said it is not clear whether " injury was caused by the defendent's criminal conduct ."
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