darting in a sentence

darting meaning in Hindi


  1. "The ball was darting everywhere, " said Little.
  2. At the sight of Wiz darting back and forth, they bunched.
  3. Wildlife darting operations typically have a death rate of about 3 percent.
  4. But the ball kept dodging and darting around the hole.
  5. Television footage showed crowds watching flames darting out of blown out windows.
  6. His only movement is his expansive gestures and darting eyes.
  7. The winner of a darting competition should nomination two housemates for eviction.
  8. You look in the stream and you can see the trout darting around,
  9. He made one dodging, darting return for a loss of four yards.
  10. I raced back to the gate, my eyes darting left and right.
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