darting sentence in Hindi

"darting" meaning in Hindi  


  1. They were sharp, darting, glowing eyes that were wide open.
  2. Davis is a quick, darting runner with excellent hands.
  3. Ms . Kronenberg looked delicate in the small darting steps.
  4. She sat on a chair, eyes darting about and chest heaving.
  5. A toothless smile had replaced the vacant stares and the darting glances.
  6. Tiny men, skinny men, darting around all those plodding oafs.
  7. His darting eyes, filled with agony, told a different story.
  8. Behind his narrow eyes you can see a darting, improvisational intelligence.
  9. He hesitates, his eyes darting, his face anxious.
  10. Just ask for the Darting riesling in the big bottle.
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