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  1. Invisible darning is the epitome of this attempt at restoring the fabric to its original integrity.
  2. Missy, have you ever heard of a woman conducting an orchestra or a man darning socks?
  3. This is a fast way to darn, but it cannot match the effects of fine darning.
  4. Remember darning eggs, a wooden dealie you put in a sock and actually stitched up a hole?
  5. "' Buratto "'is an Italian needle lace made by darning on a net.
  6. All were from poor homes, and were trained in sewing, mending, darning, and knitting.
  7. The association leases The Ramsden Hall on Darning Lane from the church at the cost of ?000 a year.
  8. Jeeves advises against this plan, but Bertie insists on Jeeves acquiring a stick with a darning needle attached.
  9. Once Godber says he is darning Fletcher's socks, Fletcher lends Godber some boot polish after all.
  10. Eventually the ultimate in visual darning aids _ illuminated darners, both battery-and electric-powered _ were developed.
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