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  1. Welts was replaced by Brandon Darner, who departed from the band shortly after joining.
  2. The naiad of the shadow darner is large in size, with a length of.
  3. Darner designers also tried to make it easier to work by using contrasting and bright colors.
  4. Darner and his attorney, James Guinan of Dallas, declined to comment after the hearing.
  5. "It's still a useful item, " he said of the darner.
  6. Rows of pins were consequently applied to the darner, to impale the fabric as one worked.
  7. "' Brandon Darner "'is an American record producer, songwriter and musician.
  8. Darner will remain free until Nov . 30 when he has been ordered to report to federal prison.
  9. Mrs . Darner, the Countess of Aylesbury; Lady Cecilia Johnston; and the Marchioness of Townshend.
  10. This naiad is long and slender, which is the typical shape of immature lance-tipped darner.
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