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  1. Rich fabrics, such as brocades and damasks, covered the walls.
  2. The Met's heavy gold silk-damask curtains have vanished.
  3. Champagne on velvet robes, sofa cushions, damask tablecloths.
  4. Vinit Suraphonchai, chairman and CEO of Damask / BBDO, said.
  5. DAMASK / BBDO is the Thai office of BBDO Worldwide.
  6. Vinit sets new goals, Damask goes to BBDO, NATION
  7. This includes the " One Dozen Double Damask Dinner Napkins " sketch.
  8. The MusD hood is of cream damask lined with dark cherry satin.
  9. Underneath he wears a doublet of patterned material, probably silk damask.
  10. The room's 66 chairs were reupholstered in a gold damask.
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