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  1. The Dahomey Kingdom was known for its culture and traditions.
  2. The Dahomey army favored imported European weapons as opposed to traditional weapons.
  3. Suzanne Blier identifies two unique aspects of art in Dahomey : 1.
  4. However, they became more vocal in trying to take over Dahomey.
  5. He was born to Somba parents in the Gaba District of Dahomey.
  6. He was also designated Vice Prime Minister of Dahomey under Hubert Maga.
  7. Unusual formations included corps of female warriors-the Amazons of Dahomey.
  8. In Dahomey captures much of the perspective of early 20th century Broadway.
  9. However, Dahomey finally succumbed to the forces of the French Army.
  10. When Dahomey conquered Allada and Whydah the practice was banned.
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