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  1. The orange area was inhabited by Free Dacian tribes and others . ]]
  2. And " Bucur " is a genuine Dacian name.
  3. The resources were instead used to rebuild Dacian fortresses and strengthen the army.
  4. Dacian scale armour found at this site was the first of its typology.
  5. Domitian planned an attack into Dacia the next year to stop Dacian marauding.
  6. Around 1150 Dacian anthroponyms and 900 toponyms have been preserved in ancient sources.
  7. The first assault was repelled by the Dacian defenders.
  8. Devastated, Gerula realises his dream of a restored Dacian kingdom is over.
  9. It is supposed that the fortress was the residence of a Dacian chieftain.
  10. The authorities also recovered three royal Dacian iron shields.
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