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  1. Stephenson was most often cast as curmudgeon and irascible characters.
  2. And what curmudgeon would want it to ? ""
  3. "Curmudgeons don't conspire ."
  4. After all, who wants to be the curmudgeon to argue with romance?
  5. I asked where the break-off point was between curmudgeon and crab.
  6. Little do these financial curmudgeons know how really romantic a tire can be.
  7. According to Slayton, curmudgeons rule the comedy world.
  8. "So why bother ? " the curmudgeon in me wondered.
  9. Call me a Luddite, call me a curmudgeon.
  10. Its members the curmudgeons who made pre-dawn pilgrimages into the desert.
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