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  1. Pass a cruet of olive oil for drizzling.
  2. A set of contemporary cruets without a stand costs as little as $ 20.
  3. I still needed a board with squares big enough to accommodate the cruet kings.
  4. It is kept on the credence table with the finger-bowl and cruets.
  5. stoppered bottle ( Old Crow whiskey bottles were traditionally used; a cruet will do)
  6. Cruet sets became popular in Victorian America when lunch replaced dinner as the midday meal.
  7. Some cruet sets were very grand, featuring eight to 10 different bottles or dishes.
  8. Cruets are about $ 1.25.
  9. Cruets often have an integral lip or spout, and may also have a handle.
  10. A Louis XV silver cruet, with cut glass bottles and castors sold for ?0.
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