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  1. Patience Cropper is renamed Amy Barlow and the Croppers are her godparents.
  2. Featuring Steve Cropper on guitar, it failed to reach the charts.
  3. He shared the top wicket tally for the season with William Cropper.
  4. Davis also played guitar on the track, together with Steve Cropper.
  5. The episode was directed by Anton Cropper and written by Channing Powell.
  6. In 2013, Sam Cropper was appointed CEO of Climatecars.
  7. The only cemetery in Cropper is on the church grounds.
  8. In 1967, the Union Grove Church was renamed Cropper Christian Church.
  9. Rashid had been being detained at Camp Cropper near Baghdad International Airport.
  10. After initially picking up his telephone, Cropper put a
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