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  1. In this scenario soldiers were given physical drills and common-sense tips on how to survive in the jungle by studying its characteristics, dense vegetation with limited visibility, heavy cross compartmentalisation, streams & rivers, heat & humidity, few roads, numerous tracks and limited communication.
  2. Within minutes, further attacks resulted in at least three more torpedoes striking " Repulse " . " Repulse " did not have the anti-torpedo blisters her sister " Renown " had received, and also did not have a modern battleship's internal waterproof compartmentalisation and subdivision.
  3. The term'Catbird Seat'is mentioned a number of times during the Manhattan Season 1 TV series to indicate that forbidden dialogue has occurred between scientists working on the A-bomb project at the end of the 2nd World War, who should have been isolated from each other through compartmentalisation ( scientists working on inter-related problems without the knowledge of others ).
  4. However, most of the faculty's economists and political scientists and some public law professors sought to create a university which would extend beyond the disciplinary compartmentalisation; they hurried ahead of their colleagues and established " Paris I " & mdash; which would later be called " Panth�on-Sorbonne " & mdash; with professors of humanities . the traditional seat of the law studies ( hence it is also used by Panth�on-Assas University ).
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