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  1. We run into a similar phenomenon when putting cars through the paces for our comparison tests.
  2. Editorial reviews and comparison tests are also available.
  3. After you do this, you get the answer for other " y " using the comparison test.
  4. The Jordanian Defense Forces had reportedly conducted comparison tests between several service rifles in a desert environment.
  5. But the latest experiment, released Monday, is the first to put this to a rigorous comparison test.
  6. In comparison tests, the bullet-shooting crossbow only shoots slightly faster, but much more accurately than the slingshot.
  7. Kroger ordered a head-to-head comparison test.
  8. converges for all | z | ( for instance, by the comparison test with the geometric series ).
  9. I started my comparison test with AOL Instant Messenger, mainly because I have been using it for years.
  10. The ABERT SET group in Brazil did system comparison tests of DTV under the supervision of the CPqD foundation.
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