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  1. Their release require support on the action zone and comparability with indigenous species.
  2. To ensure comparability, we have adopted an education qualification method to compare jobs.
  3. Results of the tested party or comparable enterprises may require adjustment to achieve comparability.
  4. The Circular instructs field examiners to review taxpayer's comparability and method analyses.
  5. The obvious problem of this system was low or missing comparability of the results.
  6. In his speech, Levitt advocated improving the transparency and comparability of financial statements.
  7. Sen proposes, however, that comparability of interpersonal utility need not be partial.
  8. The comparability relation is called an interval order.
  9. He observes that every comparability graph is bipartite, or has a skew partition.
  10. And processing costs will vary in comparability.
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