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  1. The model for this type of arrangement is the Fonds commun de placement common in France and Luxembourg.
  2. The northwest part of the square consists of a large building originally known as the Casa del Commun Tesoro.
  3. Archdiocese of Washington : http : / / www . adw . org / commun / news / news26 . html
  4. In recent years, it has developed new churches in black commun ities at the rate of about 150 a year.
  5. Urban transport in Limoges and its metropolitan area is operated by Soci�t?de transports en commun de Limoges M�tropole ( STCL ).
  6. :: Discussing the images separately does not add any value, because the arguments of keeping and removing them are commun.
  7. This route was subsequently incorporated into the network of the Soci�t?des transports en commun de la r�gion parisienne ( STCRP ).
  8. In the 1840s, the Packet Office and Island Post Office were moved from the Casa del Commun Tesoro to the Banca Giuratale.
  9. The OLevel examination, taken at the end of " tronc commun ", determines a students enrollment in upper secondary education.
  10. Regulatory efforts are coordinated with the ADEQ and the AOGC ( Bevill Bernard, Arkansas Department of Health, written commun ., 2014 ).
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