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  1. By 1881 he was a General Commission Agent in Barrow-in-Furness, where he was married.
  2. A commission agent was instructed to attend and note " witnesses, visitors, etc ."
  3. A commission agent in business, he was an amateur musician and an exhibitor of roses.
  4. Lim Nee Soon was also a banker, commission agent.
  5. CHG became commission agent, salesman with Ernest James Rutherford Pullar then with John Frederick Thiem.
  6. In business, he worked as a commission agent, auctioneer and stock broker in Mount Gambier.
  7. And yet Americans are increasingly suspicious of commission agents.
  8. Thomson worked as an auctioneer, accountant and commission agent.
  9. But the Boodhais apparently didn't know their suppliers included undercover game commission agents, according to officials.
  10. Commission rules require any suspected law violation to be promptly " reported to a commission agent.
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