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  1. After training she worked in the camps as a political commissar.
  2. Commissars were Radoje Ljubi i, Drago Vukovi and Ljubiaa erguz.
  3. He was promoted to Deputy Political Commissar of Zhejiang Military District.
  4. Previously he served as Deputy Political Commissar of Tibet Military District.
  5. He previously served as Political Commissar of the Shenyang Military Region.
  6. In 2005 he became deputy political commissar of the Logistics Department.
  7. In 2005 he became political commissar of the 41st Group Army.
  8. Currently, Kotnik works as a basketball agent and technical commissar.
  9. In October 1940 he graduated from the commissar courses in Smolensk.
  10. He served as a Deputy Political Commissar of the PLA Navy.
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