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  1. The game represents the Blood Angels; and Imperial Commissar Yarrick.
  2. He was also first political commissar of the Beijing Military Region.
  3. The commissars from Moscow remained in Vorkuta, planning their response.
  4. Most streets named after the commissars have been changed as well.
  5. In 1917-1918 he was a Commissar for Artistic Matters.
  6. In 1949 he was briefly People's Commissar for Agriculture.
  7. Nelson started the war as political commissar of the Lincoln Battalion.
  8. He was later promoted to political commissar of the army group.
  9. He sparred in heated debates with future Bolshevik commissar Nikolai Krylenko.
  10. By, the MRC appointed 185 commissars to various civil agencies.
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