commiseration in a sentence

commiseration meaning in Hindi


  1. But the celebration had become a commiseration.
  2. Weep in commiseration there ( whack ).
  3. Meanwhile from France coach Lemerre, there was commiseration for his side's fans.
  4. In that way, whether it's in joy or commiseration, people are united.
  5. And while Super Bowl champions hardly elicit much commiseration, the process has come under question.
  6. But group commiseration, with people experiencing the same situation, can be a tremendous help.
  7. In spite of his mother's commiseration, Thomas still feels as if he behaved badly.
  8. The shops along narrow and winding High Street were either closed or open more for commiseration than commerce.
  9. Girlfriends nodded in commiseration : " Oops ! poor you, you're drunk ."
  10. "I have to offer my congratulations and commiserations to Sam Torrance, " said Montgomerie.
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