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"commiserating" meaning in Hindi  


  1. Brian Tobin, president of the International Tennis Federation, commiserated.
  2. "Too many washings, " her neighbor commiserated.
  3. I will celebrate your special occasions and commiserate with your troubles.
  4. Both now stationed at Pearl Harbor, Danny and Evelyn commiserate.
  5. Jaguar boss Niki Lauda commiserated with the English contingent at Nuerburgring.
  6. Dru and Neil commiserated, and ended up falling in love.
  7. He commiserates with the leather-lunged, short-fused Green.
  8. And, yes, he even commiserates with the players.
  9. Besides commiserating, patience seems to be the best remedy for fatigue.
  10. I married them, buried them, commiserated with them.
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