come across with in a sentence

come across with meaning in Hindi


  1. Their particular scam involves a voice-recognition computer, which they sell but don't come across with.
  2. I had to come across with the commitment.
  3. "There's the fear that rebels may come across with the refugees, " said Van Genderen Stort.
  4. But the male chorus, which includes gifted veterans like Gregory Mitchell, comes across with dynamic power.
  5. The long IP-account number in this list also comes across with a wide range of variations.
  6. Nobody at this point is willing to come across with a lot of money for Bill.
  7. The scene comes across with comic subtlety.
  8. In part this is because the entire production, restaged last year, comes across with fresh dramatic vigor.
  9. They pick the guys that they feel best suits whatever position they're trying to come across with.
  10. Bryant comes across with considerably more maturity, but their lives aren't a lot different at this point.
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