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  1. High combustion temperatures lead to higher NOx emissions, thus forced induction can give higher NOx fractions.
  2. The extremely weak air fuel mixtures lead to lower combustion temperatures and therefore lower NOx formation.
  3. Initial combustion temperatures run 1500 2000 �C, depending on the processing conditions, generating nanopowder " soot ".
  4. Its production is a function of combustion temperature-the higher the temperature, the more NO x is produced.
  5. Also, higher combustion temperatures can potentially lead to greater emissions of nitrogen oxides, associated with acid rain.
  6. High compression causes high combustion temperatures.
  7. For smoke inhibition in two stroke engine fuels, the lubricant can degrade at temperatures below the combustion temperature.
  8. Interest in increasing the efficiency of gas turbine engines for aviation applications has prompted research into higher combustion temperatures.
  9. As a result, engine combustion became oxidizer-rich, with resulting high combustion temperatures damaging the combustion chamber throat and nozzle.
  10. Measuring the combustion temperature of coke in the blast furnace using an optical pyrometer, Fixed Nitrogen Research Laboratory, 1930.
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