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  1. A US-style NTSC TV shows either a dark or a light vertical line between some of the colour bars.
  2. They hang out in clubs like this one or the Colour Bar in Auckland Park, north of the city center.
  3. In his opposition to the policy, Mannix stated in 1949 that " there is no colour bar in Australia ".
  4. One day Tony sees Moses dressing Mary and is surprised and somewhat amazed by Mary's breaking of the'colour bar '.
  5. However, Kaunda continued to support Nkumbula even though in 1956 Nkumbula attempted to end the campaign against the colour bar.
  6. In 1947 voices were raised in the legislative council, insisting on the removal of the colour bar from the civil services.
  7. NCCL also published pamphlets exposing the effective'colour bar', whereby black and Asian people were refused service in certain pubs and hotels.
  8. The Colour Bar Law of 1926 that reserved certain positions in the mining industry for Whites was made applicable in South West Africa.
  9. No Colour Bar : Black British Art in Action 1960 1990 ", held at the Guildhall Art Gallery between July 2015 and January 2016.
  10. Her work featured in the 2015 exhibition " No Colour Bar : Black British Art in Action 1960 1990 " at the Guildhall Art Gallery.
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