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  1. Coastal Command had agreed to provide three squadrons of Bristol Beaufort torpedo bombers.
  2. This coincided with the introduction of the String Wing tactics in Coastal Command.
  3. The Coastal Command personnel returned to Britain by sea in October.
  4. Hundreds of Australian airmen also served in RAF Coastal Command squadrons.
  5. Coastal Command's casualties amounted to 2, 060 aircraft to all causes.
  6. In mid-morning a Coastal Command James Somerville, had been diverted north from Gibraltar.
  7. The Mark X was the basis for a number of Coastal Command versions.
  8. Rather, they were transferred to the Coastal Command for anti-submarine patrol.
  9. On the positive side, Coastal Command began increasing its AS efficiency.
  10. Coastal Command sank 27 U-boats in 1942 and damaged 18 more.
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