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  1. Dilip is the co founder of and Consulting Partner for Perfect Relations, established in the early 90 s.
  2. Through Pod bites Robert Jakobi met Julian Metcalfe who is the Co Founder of Itsu and Pret A Manger.
  3. Dr Uma Valeti is a cardiologist by training and profession and is the co founder of the startup MemphisMeats.
  4. "' Shivendra Singh Chauhan "'is an Indian journalist and co founder of India Against Corruption.
  5. Ameed's elder brothers, Ateed Riaz and Naveed Riaz remain as company's co founders and directors.
  6. In 2006 was the �m�l office purchased by co founder Jan Nytomt and in 2007 was Mecel Engine Systems acquired by Hoerbiger
  7. Pooja of the movie was held in Triple V Records office, helmed by Vasanth & Co founder Mr H Vasanthakumar.
  8. Dorothy Cotton born as Dorothy King on Febuary 17, 1956 is the co founder and operator of " Cotton Grove Distrubutors ".
  9. Reese is also the co founder and CEO of Entertainment 3Sixty which is a company that connects brands to consumers through music and entertainment.
  10. He is most recently the co founder and chair of the executive council of Lamakaan, an open cultural space in Hyderabad, India.
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