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  1. What's more, Lindblom said, an unidentified Bliley aide told an industry lawyer that Bliley would reject any claim of privilege.
  2. Whenever a claim of privilege is made, the person making the claim has the burden of showing that the privilege applies.
  3. Did they fail to conduct a review of the documents sufficient to make a good-faith claim of privilege in the first instance?
  4. Slowly but surely, we are unmasking the false claim of privilege made by those who are merely promoting generic abusive tax products,
  5. Counsel Bruce Lindsey's work-product and testimony should be of interest now that the claim of privilege has been exposed as a sham.
  6. _The Clinton administration's unique claim of privilege shielding the testimony of Secret Service officials who guard the president and the White House.
  7. There were so many people in the meeting that the claim of privilege seems far-fetched, and anyway it violates the administration's promise to cooperate.
  8. "To invoke totally phony and repudiated claims of privilege is, I think, very distressing and a failure to do his job, " he said.
  9. Chief Judge Norma Holloway Johnson of the U . S . District Court in Washington rejected both claims of privilege in separate rulings last month.
  10. Since Rule 34 compels production only of matters " not privileged, " the essential question is whether there was a valid claim of privilege under the Rule.
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