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  1. Chippie is her grandson by Batty.
  2. A few minutes later, he clanked a short turnaround, a swooping hook and another chippie.
  3. Like Lebara Mobile's Dutch MVNO, Chippie calls are carried on KPN's network.
  4. He tells Stevens, who has Chippie brought to him and learns where Granger can be found.
  5. Knight scored from the right baseline, then Gadzuric fed Kapono for a chippie, then Gadzuric dunked.
  6. However, in 1946 he was rediscovered by jazz solo and as the accompanist to Bertha " Chippie " Hill.
  7. At Harvey's Bar, across the street from Jaconelli's chippie, the pub is thick with smoke.
  8. Dutch Caribbean Stars only played in one of the Chippie Polar Cup tournaments, which is the tournament which they won.
  9. Though Clementine is a liar and a cheat, Ms . Paltrow could still summon nothing but affection for the disgruntled chippie.
  10. When a team is trying to make a run, when you miss a chippie like that it takes away the momentum,
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