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  1. Bahuguna achieved international fame when he began the Chipko Movement that used villagers to hug trees to prevent them from being cut down . ( rr)
  2. On March 26, 2004, Reni, Laata, and other villages of the Niti Valley celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Chipko Movement, where all the surviving original participants united.
  3. "' Sunderlal Bahuguna "'( born 9 January 1927 ) and later he and people associated with the Chipko movement later started taking up environmental issues, like against large dams.
  4. Chipko movement, at the very least, suggests that forests in India are an important and integral resource for communities that live within these forests, or survive near the fringes of these forests.
  5. To explain the cause of Chipko movement, they find that government officials had ignored the subsistence issues of the local communities, who depended on forests for fuel, fodder, fertiliser and sustenance resources.
  6. The Chipko movement that arose in the 1970s is one example of success among the women's movement in India, as women protested the deforestation in Uttarakhand leading to the protection of the region.
  7. The best known popular activist movement is the Chipko Movement, in which local women under the leadership of Chandi Prasad Bhatt and Sunderlal Bahuguna, decided to fight the government and the vested interests to save trees.
  8. The villages in this valley include Reni, from where the Chipko movement of Garhwal was started; Gaura Devi, from where the famous chipko activist hailed, as well as Lata, Peng, Tolma, Surai, Phagti, Jamgavar, Kaga and Garpag.
  9. Although the Chipko movement is now practically non-existent in Uttarakhand, the Indian state of its origin, it remains one of the most frequently deployed examples of an environmental and a people's movement in developing countries such as India.
  10. These scientists point out that very little is left of the Chipko movements today in its region of origin save for its memory, even though the quality of forests and its use remains a critical issue for India.
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