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  1. "To have No . 1s in three decades and remain the most fanciable pop star is an amazing achievement, " said David Roberts, the chart book's editor.
  2. IENCs have very consistent features, e . g . scale, accuracy, and update frequency, to a greater level than current chart books produced by the Corps districts.
  3. By listing the teams in the Super League page of the Chart Book a simplistic fixture list of 30'Matchsets'was created, which the player would then play through.
  4. Author Ron Hall published " The CHUM Chart Book " ( ISBN 0920325157 ) in 1983, listing every song that had appeared in the CHUM Charts to that point.
  5. Although the singles chart listed only " Funk " and not " Bullet ", the latter song was given equal billing in later " Billboard " singles chart books.
  6. On 16 March 1989, Fantail Publishing released a tie-in book called, " The Network Chart Book Of Hits ", which was a review of the previous year, 1988 in music.
  7. Once per year Heritage publishes its " Budget Chart Book " using visual graphs and charts to demonstrate the growth of federal spending, revenue, debt and deficits, and entitlement programs.
  8. While as leader of the expedition, John Ross had authority to name newly charted landforms as he wished, he did not receive authority to add fictional landforms to navigation chart books.
  9. Play is controlled by rolling three dice ( red / white / blue ), and using the numbers to obtain results by referencing the pitcher and batter cards, as well as the chart book.
  10. The Kent Music Report / Australian Music Report chart data ( 1980 1989 ) is given here in tabular format and taken from the " Australian Chart Book 1970 92 ", published by David Kent.
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