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  1. Like most of her furniture, her four-legged George Stool, named after her eldest son, is tinted in hues of charcoal grey and natural wood.
  2. The fleece is fine, long, lustrous and dense and can be all shades of grey from silver to charcoal grey and dark enough to be almost black.
  3. Chest feathers claret coloured feathers and bordered in cream, off-white underbelly, charcoal grey feathers on back also ringed with white, solid black rump and dull black-brown tail.
  4. The head is darker, sometimes even a charcoal grey shade, with prominent white markings around the ears and eyes, and a smaller amount of white fur on the muzzle.
  5. "The situation has improved quite a lot, " said Ms . Vignelli, as she moved across her charcoal grey carpet to look down on what is now a fairly well-groomed lot.
  6. The CS1 1318 model saw the new usage of yellow control knobs against a charcoal grey body set to provide a colour contrast to help those people who had some residual sight.
  7. As is the case with modern CRT's, a dark mask is applied to the glass before the phosphor is painted on, to give the screen a dark charcoal grey color and improve contrast ratio.
  8. They tend to range in color from milky white to orange, sometimes with charcoal grey spotting, known as " carbon trap " which is the trapping of carbon in the glaze during the firing process.
  9. At the hearing, Simpson, dressed in a charcoal grey suit, sat impassively at the defense table, staring ahead or scribbling notes while scientific experts described a complex world of testing measured in nanograms and millimeters.
  10. A performance suspension with load-leveling rear shocks was also standard, as well as unique wheels . 2006 wheels were the stock R / T 18 " wheels with charcoal grey painted pockets, and lower profile wider tires . 2007 to 2009 wheels are 20 " chrome clad wheels.
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