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  1. The gallery showed her watercolors, charcoal drawings, and landscapes of Mission San Juan Bautista.
  2. It was charcoal drawing on the Civil War in Uruguay.
  3. On the interior walls, life-size charcoal drawings suggested human residents.
  4. The final charcoal drawing is entitled " Farm in Normandy " ( 1880 ).
  5. In 1983, he published a portfolio collection of charcoal drawings from 1920 to 1950s.
  6. "He mostly does watercolors and charcoal drawings, " she said.
  7. The charcoal drawings were first discovered and documented in the 1920s by Ivor Evans.
  8. On the other are exuberant paintings, pastels and charcoal drawings of families and lush landscapes.
  9. Top among them was " 0 Through 9, " a 1961 charcoal drawing by Johns.
  10. He was best known for his cont?and charcoal drawings reflecting of the African-American experience.
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