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  1. This is combined with MIMO ( Multiple In Multiple Out ), antenna arrays, dynamic channel allocation and channel-dependent scheduling.
  2. For example, channel allocation in wireless communication may be decided by a base transceiver station using an appropriate algorithm.
  3. For a good example of how the channel planners have dovetailed different transmitters'outputs see Crystal Palace UHF TV channel allocations.
  4. The new rules removed mandatory sensing requirements which greatly facilitates the use of the spectrum with geolocation based channel allocation.
  5. Indonesia has the usual 40 channels at 27 MHz, plus a unique 60-channel allocation from 142.050 MHz  143.525 MHz.
  6. Channel Z began broadcasting on 93.8FM through a transmitter outside of Auckland and took over the Sky Digital channel allocation.
  7. During the FCC's licensing freeze the commission developed channel allocation and separation to eliminate interference between stations with the same frequency.
  8. It has a clear-channel allocation under NARBA and its nighttime signal can be heard throughout the Bahamas, most of Cuba, and southeastern Florida.
  9. In 1958, the FCC shifted the UHF channel allocations in Milwaukee from Channels 19, 25 and 31 to Channels 18, 24 and 30.
  10. During 2007, the station first swapped analog cable channel allocations with WTVR . After that, the Richmond station moved to the digital tier.
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