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  1. Fox bought digital animation house Blue Sky two years ago, about the time the studio was shutting down its traditional pen-and-ink cell animation operations after its sci-fi cartoon " Titan A . E . " bombed.
  2. Due to the amount of money used to make the episodes, which were a combination of computer graphics and normal cell animation, and since Vytor did not have a toy deal, only a few episodes were made.
  3. Disney executives also point out that " Treasure Planet " is the last of the films to be made using the more costly and labor-intensive, largely hand-drawn cell animation process that the studio had used for decades.
  4. In 1970 even the simplest computer animation was so expensive and time consuming to do that it was far cheaper to do cell animation, where each image was drawn on a clear acetate just like Mickey Mouse cartoons.
  5. In 2002, " tradigital " went mainstream when Jeffrey Katzenberg used the term "'tradigital animation "'to refer to the blending of computer animation with classical cell animation techniques, " a seamless blend of two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation techniques ".
  6. In 1991, cell animation " 0thaf " ( Dedication ), which was dedicated to the victims of Stalin repression was awarded the diploma of Oberhauzen International Film Festival, the most successful debut prize of Kiev KROK-91 International Animation Film Federation ( ASIFA ) Festival and the best animation film prize of " Vision from East"
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