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  1. In 1977 he received a Fellowship to the Papanicolaou Cancer Research Institute in Miami, Florida, and in 1979 a Fellowship to the Institute for Cell Analysis at the University of Miami, Florida.
  2. A diagnosis can also be implied by biochemical abnormalities such as high alkaline phosphatase, angiotensin-converting enzyme, and immunoglobulin levels, or by cell analysis showing " crinkled paper " cytoplasm and glycolipid-laden macrophages.
  3. In 2001, the Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General issued a report on regulation of " unestablished laboratory tests " that focused on live blood cell analysis and the difficulty of regulating unestablished tests and laboratories.
  4. In 2010, the university established the Cell and Genome Sciences building, which includes its new Stem Cell Institute as well as cell biology and genetics research in its Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling and Department of Genetics and Developmental Biology.
  5. Real-time PCR assays for single cell analysis have been developed for a Y-chromosome marker; a common Tay-Sachs disease mutation, the most common cystic fibrosis mutation and a wide range of thalassemia mutations and Hb S.
  6. The attitude to ensemble measurements is starting to change; today's researchers are increasingly aware of, hence interested to study, the resulting effects of heterogeneity in cell samples, as mirrored in recent reviews on single-cell analysis.
  7. The CNAG takes part in large-scale sequencing projects in areas as diverse as cancer genomics, rare disease gene identification, infectious disease genomics, genomics of model organisms, agrogenomics, epigenomics, modeling of the nucleus, comparative genomics and single cell analysis.
  8. By integrating a standing surface acoustic wave ( SSAW )-based microdevice capable of 3D particle / cell focusing with a laser-induced fluorescence ( LIF ) detection system, acoustic tweezers are developed into a microflow cytometer for high-throughput single cell analysis.
  9. BD Biosciences designs, manufactures, and sells fluorescence-activated cell sorters and analyzers, monoclonal antibodies and kits for cell analysis, reagent systems for life science research, cell imaging systems, laboratory products for tissue culture and fluid handling, and cell culture media supplements for biopharmaceutical manufacturing.
  10. dPCR provides quantification of gene expression levels, especially with low-abundance miRNA due to the technique's sensitivity and precision . dPCR can be used for amplification of all types of RNA such as siRNA, mRNA, etc . Due to the high degree of cell-cell variation in gene expression, dPCR enable low copy number quantification in order to perform single cell analysis.
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