causatives in a sentence

causatives meaning in Hindi


  1. I will not revisit the causative factors of my humiliation.
  2. The board identified 16 directly causative and a further 26 contributing factors,
  3. It concluded that the causative factors are historical and colonial.
  4. These forms encode concepts such as the causative, intensive and reflexive.
  5. Microorganisms are the causative agents ( pathogens ) in many infectious diseases.
  6. A variety of viruses have also been implicated as a causative agent.
  7. Causative gene mutations for types 1 and 3 have not been identified.
  8. For other causes, the treatment is specific to the causative disease.
  9. Other verb forms include causatives, reciprocals, and reflexives.
  10. Another causative factor may be an undetected urinary tract infection.
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