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  1. Frankfort Township was named by Frederick Cappel after his native city, Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany.
  2. The son of two music teachers and the brother of a drummer, Cappel was always surrounded by music.
  3. Cappel said Sun designed the UltraSparc chip to process huge graphics files without assistance from a co-processor chip.
  4. Satori and Cappel met years ago when Satori brought him in to play drums for a Burning Man decompression party.
  5. Returning to London in 1695 he studied under private tutors, and learned Hebrew from Cappel, a Huguenot refugee.
  6. While Sun and H-P slug it out, IBM and Silicon Graphics are also gaining ground, Cappel said.
  7. Bitter as was the opposition to Cappel's views, it was not long before his results were accepted by most scholars.
  8. Then, in 1971, Snyder failed in a bid to oust Rapides Parish Sheriff Marshall T . Cappel in the party primary.
  9. Sims said the Jefferson County jury did not hear evidence that Cappel-Coffey was taking four other prescription drugs after she discontinued using Pondimin.
  10. Cappel, a Huguenot, was born at St Elier, near Hebrew at Saumur, and twenty years later was appointed professor of theology.
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