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"canvasser" meaning in Hindi  


  1. Many canvassers now restarted the campaign to get Lenihan elected.
  2. If foot canvassing, the canvasser will also distribute flyers.
  3. The suit affects canvassers and other canvassing staff working for Environment California.
  4. They voted to conduct a three months Canvassers'School.
  5. This illustrates the " Canvassers " nature of the curriculm.
  6. The canvassers turned all 500 questionable ballots over and over in the light.
  7. Canvassers who matched the ethnic profile of their assigned neighborhoods were more successful.
  8. Pizza boxes were stacked on long tables where workers prepared packets for canvassers.
  9. The Chart Thai candidate for whom the canvasser was working won his seat.
  10. The verdict sends the strongest legal warning yet to politicians and their canvassers.
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