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  1. In 1926, he served as member of the Peshawar Cantonment Board, as a Hindu representative.
  2. The Kannur Cantonment Board is one of the 62 cantonments in India and the only one in Kerala.
  3. The area is a part of the Cannanore Cantonment and is well-maintained by the Cantonment Board.
  4. The Secunderabad Cantonment Board is a civic administration agency overseeing an area of, where there are several military camps.
  5. We sought a clarification regarding Assessment of Taxes by Cantonment Board, under the " Freedom of Information Ordinance 2002.
  6. The Director General may issue various directives on important policy matters, and the Cantonment Boards comply with the same.
  7. Because of the nature of Cantonments, a high degree of efficiency and municipal performance level is expected from the Cantonment Boards.
  8. The Secunderabad Cantonment Board ( SCB ) an area of, is a jurisdiction which contains some suburbs of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.
  9. The act introduced the representative local government system, under which elected representative of the civil population became members of the Cantonment Boards.
  10. The cantonment board runs a primary school ( 24 students ), a small hospital ( 2 beds ), and a guest house.
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