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  1. All English saddles are measured from the nailhead below the pommel to the center of the cantle.
  2. One such decision was the pairing of Lopez and Cantle to crew flight 7100 on 10 February.
  3. The Cantle Report was supported by three local reviews of the three towns most affected by the riots.
  4. The idea of a simplistic link between disadvantage and prejudice and discrimination is also contested by Cantle ( 2012 ).
  5. Exercise saddles are usually larger and heavier, with a more prominent pommel and cantle to provide more security to the rider.
  6. It has a high pommel and cantle, and is placed upon a felt saddlecloth to protect the horse's back.
  7. During the 18th century, most riders in Europe used high-pommel and cantle saddles, with a wooden frame for classical dressage.
  8. Before the fall, Brighton fired a second shot which passed through the cantle of the saddle and grazed Ike's right leg.
  9. The high-cantle, high-pommel design of earlier saddles became a hindrance, unsafe and uncomfortable for riders as they jumped.
  10. The top of the cantle may have a set stone, jewel, or emblems such as Saint Andrew, a thistle, Masonic symbols.
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