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canting meaning in Hindi


  1. A canting motto is one that contains word play.
  2. The presence of the harp makes these Canting arms.
  3. People below decks found themselves lost in the dark and rapidly canting hallways.
  4. This is a pun on the surname; an example of canting arms.
  5. These are canting arms and they are rooted in the village s history.
  6. This is called canting arms in heraldic terminology.
  7. European heraldry contains the technique of canting arms, which can be considered punning.
  8. Harman included a canting dictionary which was copied by Thomas Dekker and other writers.
  9. These are canting arms, referring as they do to the municipality s name.
  10. The canting for the vanished village of Birken, whose name meant  birches.
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