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  1. The arms came into being in 1952 and are canting arms for, at least, one of the municipality s supposed namesakes, the pitch gatherers, for the only attributes ), thus symbolizing the club s home village.
  2. According to Pole the arms of " Clavill of Burlescombe " were : " Or, three keys gules " which are thus canting arms alluding to the Latin " clavis ", meaning a " key ".
  3. Rehbach bears canting arms, meaning that the German, while " Reh " is the word for  roe deer, and the wavy blue fess ( horizontal stripe ) symbolizes a brook, or " Bach " in German.
  4. According to Thomas Robson the canting arms of Bulteel ( of Somerset ) are : " Azure, three bull's heads couped argent ", with crest : " A bull's head gules between two wings or ".
  5. The colours of the town ( red and white ) as well as the arms ( a silver-coloured wavy thick line in red ) remind one on the one hand of the long affiliation to Further Austria on the other hand it is a canting arms  the crooked stream.
  6. The ancient Gorges canting arms of " Argent, a gurges azure ", " gurges " signifying, in Latin, a whirlpool, had been retained some generations before by the senior Gorges line seated at Tamerton Foliot, Devon, the cadet line having married the de Morville heiress.
  7. While the King of Morocco was attributed three rooks as arms, which are therefore canting arms ( Neubecker, 224 ), the whole chessboard was shown in some sources, resulting in the 14th-century checkered version of the Flag of Morocco ( see " Flags of the World ", 2007 ).
  8. In abyss ( the center or heart of the shield ) the panoply constituted by intersected keys beneath a papal tiara, all in Or ( gold ), constitutes its canting arms, for being symbol of Saint Peter, Patron Saint of the city ( the keys of the Kingdom of God and the Tiara of the first Pope, Saint Peter ).
  9. Since 1985 they are hung on the parapet of the northern gallery beginning with the triumphal entry into Jerusalem and ending with the descent from the Cross, with each painting showing the coats of arms of the donating families from Stade's St . Nicholas parish ( such as, Stade's then burgomaster Heinrich Hintze [ 1576 1646 ], Johann von der Medem [ 1580 1644 ] ) and canting arms of craftspeople.
  10. This did not occur with those involved in combat, especially during the occupation of northern Africa, which feature many coats of arms with their own attributes, such as " Moorish head . " The heraldry of the Discoveries is restricted to inherited symbols from the family, or canting arms, such as Nuno Leitao da Cunha, with nine wedges " ( cunhas ) ", or the goats of Cabral, without suggesting or representing the challenges found in the sea and its conquest.
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