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  1. It is far more likely to be Canting arms that are a pun based on Lorraine / Erne.
  2. The name Skanke might mean " a leg " and the arms thus being canting arms.
  3. Alternatively maunches can occur as canting arms, such as in the arms of the Mohun and Mansel families.
  4. However, only the marriage of Brandis ( canting arms : a " brand " ) and the Landgraviate of Klettgau.
  5. In heraldry, canting arms are a visual or pictorial play on a surname, and were and still are a popular practice.
  6. Bears appear in the canting arms of two cities, Bern and Berlin, both of whose names include the word " bear ".
  7. These canting arms appear to have initially been usurped from the Van Uye family of Zeeland, to whom the Uys family are not related.
  8. It is used in the canting arms for the German family " von Grape ", Grapengie�er and Grappendorf, and Groppe von Gudenberg.
  9. Rebuses are used extensively as a form of heraldic expression as a hint to the name of the bearer; they are not synonymous with canting arms.
  10. The symbols of the wolf and the castle reflect the city's name ( canting arm ) and do not have a historical, directly conveyed reference.
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