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  1. The steel truss cantilever bridge was a major engineering breakthrough since it can span distances of over.
  2. Many truss cantilever bridges use pinned joints and are therefore statically determinate with no members carrying mixed loads.
  3. Completed in 1890, this cantilever bridge has been described as " the one internationally recognised Scottish landmark ".
  4. It is a cantilever bridge with a total length of 2, 350 metres ( 7, 709 ft ).
  5. Still standing today, the bridge is a pin-connected steel cantilever bridge and cost $ 177, 000 to build.
  6. The present bridge, an unadorned steel cantilever bridge designed by Sir Thomas Peirson Frank, was opened in 1940.
  7. "' Mj�sund Bridge "'( ) is a cantilever bridge in Ibestad and Salangen municipalities in Troms county, Norway.
  8. Storseisundet Bridge is a cantilever bridge that is long and with a maximum clearance to the sea of.
  9. In 1965, a vehicular cantilever bridge across the Allegheny River between Allegheny Township, Pennsylvania was named in Lobaugh's honor.
  10. U . S . 190 crosses the Atchafalaya River on two cantilever bridges known as the Krotz Springs Bridge.
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