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  1. It is a multi-span balanced cantilever bridge with a post-tensioned concrete box girder structure.
  2. This cantilever bridge served until 1962, when it was replaced with the current bridge.
  3. It is still the longest cantilever bridge in the world.
  4. The bridge is a steel cantilever bridge which is a type of continuous truss bridge.
  5. It crossed a rusty cantilever bridge and plunged into a region of wind-distorted apple orchards.
  6. The "'Henningsv�r Bridges "'( ) are two box girder cantilever bridges made of prestressed concrete.
  7. High Bridge was opened in 1876 and was the first cantilever bridge in North America.
  8. At the time it was the longest and highest cantilever bridge in the United States.
  9. Bhutanese cantilever bridges are aggregations of massive, interlocking wooden structures that form a single bridge.
  10. "' Connel Bridge "'is a cantilever bridge that spans Loch Etive at Connel in Scotland.
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