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  1. Among the canticles is a festal doxology from the 1759 Moravian Liturgy.
  2. The gospel is the passage following the canticle of Simeon.
  3. A fourth group are the illustrations of the canticles and the akathist.
  4. To listen to " Requiem Canticles,"
  5. I finished " Blood Canticle " only weeks before Stan died.
  6. This is seen clearly in St . Francis'Canticle of the Sun.
  7. It is also widely regarded as acceptable to perform the canticles in Latin.
  8. There is also a section of canticles and psalms.
  9. Something of the sort is achieved by " Canticles of Ecstasy,"
  10. His leading compositions included " Fragments from the Canticle of Canticles,"
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