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  1. The company used cable ships to lay its undersea cable across the Pacific Ocean from America's west coast.
  2. Also, existing cable ships were not large enough, nor were their loading and laying gear sufficiently powerful and robust.
  3. The cable ship " Colonia " was built for the project at a cost of 1 million pounds sterling.
  4. In June 1942 the Post Office cable ship " Iris " laid lengths of both Siemens'and Henleys'cable in the Clyde.
  5. The British cable ship "'SS " Lord Kelvin " "'was a cable-laying ship which served during the broken up in 1967.
  6. All had dual capability and several, including the " Niles ", went on to operate as small cable ships after Army service.
  7. It was laid between Gallanach Bay, near Oban, Scotland and Clarenville, Newfoundland between 1955 and 1956 by the cable ship " Monarch ".
  8. In total, cable ships have carried out nearly 300 repairs, some of which at a depth of 5000 metres over the last ten years.
  9. USS " SP-319 " was transferred permanently to the Coast Guard and commissioned on 10 September 1919 for continued use as a cable ship.
  10. "Dock Express 20 " was powered by two dynamically positioned cable ship, she was refitted with three azimuth thrusters to serve as its main propulsion.
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