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  1. In addition to requesting private documents, the diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks will also be mined for relevant content.
  2. Cable released his autobiography in April 2009, entitled " Demons and Cocktails  My Life with the Stereophonics ."
  3. In 2011, Beck and Cable released a new version of their principles in " The Gift of Interpretation ".
  4. The Shooting Gallery series paid about the same amount for films, and the usual straight-to-video or straight-to-cable release pays less.
  5. Modern cars often feature remote opening of the fuel tank fuel filler flap using an electric motor or cable release.
  6. One can make one using an existing camera case and a cable release; Pelican cases by Pelican Products are frequently mentioned.
  7. Despite a modest theatrical run, Rebel Love enjoyed a cable release on Showtime and was later distributed on video by Vestron.
  8. The manual rewind button, release catch for the camera back and cable release socket are on the left-hand side of the camera.
  9. One can use an ISO cable release with the body by purchasing a Terminal Release MR-3 and fitting it to the remote terminal.
  10. :Don't think a cable release will work on these new finagled cheap digital things, as there is no were to screw it into.
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