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  1. Cable rates would be deregulated, and media companies could enlarge their holdings more easily.
  2. Congress went too far in regulating cable rates in 1992.
  3. Johnson said the cable rate increases is in line with other consumer price increases.
  4. In addition, senators rejected Democrats'proposals to temper the cable rate deregulation provisions in the bill.
  5. Over the past year, cable rates have been rising at a pace four times inflation.
  6. But they said that even this does not justify a wholesale increase in cable rates.
  7. Satellite operators have put pressure on the cable rates in the markets where they compete.
  8. But now, unlike in the 1980s, consumers may have little recourse to mushrooming cable rates.
  9. The earlier version deregulated cable rates only when a certain level of competition was achieved.
  10. For consumers, it could mean price competition at a time when cable rates are skyrocketing.
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