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  1. Coombs also served as Parliamentary advisor to the UK Cable Television Association, representing at the time the constituency with the highest cable penetration in the country.
  2. Among the 4, 000 households responding, the survey reports that cable penetration slipped to 62.8 percent in 1994 from 64.5 percent in 1993.
  3. For example, Sammons now provides cable service to about 32 percent of the homes in Fort Worth, substantially below the average cable penetration rate of 60 percent, Marcus said.
  4. Fire wall penetrations into the server room, such as cable penetrations, coolant line penetrations and air ducts, must be provided with fire rated penetration assemblies, such as fire stopping.
  5. ABC chose Houston because it would cause the least disruption, since cable penetration is lower in the nation's fourth-largest city than it is in other large markets, Braverman said.
  6. "Even at the height of Detroit's auto-related troubles in the'80s, cable penetration held up, " said Jessica Reif Cohen, media analyst at Merrill Lynch.
  7. As cable penetration increased, numerous cable-only TV stations were launched, many with their own news bureaus that could provide more immediate and more localized content than that provided by the nearest network newscast.
  8. "As cable penetration has increased and the FCC's ` must carry'rules took effect, UHF stations increasingly have achieved positions nearer parity with VHF stations, both in signal quality and market coverage.
  9. And while cable penetration is still low _ 10.7 million, or about 13.3 percent of available households _ advertisers are starting to catch on, spending an estimated $ 15 billion on spots last year.
  10. It has worked to supply Australia s biggest gas project, the Chevron operated Gorgon Project, on Barrow Island, Western Australia delivering cable penetration seals with built in electromagnetic compatibility ( EMC ) to protect the plant s electrical systems.
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